Recent Books I’ve Acquired

Hey friends! Sorry about not really posting last week. I ended up coming down with a cold and took a couple of sick days to rest and get better. Now that I’m feeling healthy and well rested, I wanted to pop on here and share some of the books I have recently bought.  I’ve recently acquired quite — by accident of course. 😉 

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March 2019 Book of the Month Picks

For any of you that don’t know what Book of the Month is (me two months ago), it’s a monthly subscription service that allows you to pick one of five new hardcover releases each month with the option to add two other books, or “add-ons,” for $9.99 a piece. Pretty sweet deal, which is why when two of my bestest friends told me about it I immediately was 1) ashamed I didn’t know about it sooner and 2) immediately signed up. 

I decided to begin this monthly blog post to let you all know what I picked for the month in case you are a fellow BOTM subscriber we can chat about it, and if you are not a BOTM subscriber, you will at least get the 411 on some new releases. It’s a win win. 

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February Wrap-Up

Is it just me or was February a sucky reading month? From moving to the random snow Seattle had to just me being burnt out/in a reading funk it seems February was brutal to me in the reading department. I somehow managed to read three books amongst all of that nonsense and I have no idea how but it happened — but it did.


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Book Review: City of Ghosts

Here’s a review I thought I already wrote. OOPS! I guess I know not to try to upkeep my blog during a move.

An unwritten reading goal of mine for 2019 is to finally read all of Victoria/V.E. Schwab’s work, and play catch up — well try to at least.  So far, I’ve read Vicious, am halfway through Vengeful, and now I’ve read City of Ghosts. Which by the way, was one of the cutest reads I’ve read in a while. 

City of Ghosts is Schwab’s Middle Grade series that follows Cassidy and her best friend Jacob, who is a ghost, on their international adventures as Cassidy’s parents film their tv show about ghost activity in historically haunted cities. The book takes place in the tv show’s first location, Edinburgh, Scotland. Cassidy can see ghosts and go into what she calls “the in-between” ever since her near-death accident a year prior. When she arrives in Edinburgh she slips into the in-between and sees a woman with a red cloak called the Red Raven who appears to be dangerous. Soon she hears about the local legend of the Red Raven who calls to young children to bring them “home” aka steals their soul. Cassidy invests help from Jacob and her new friend Lara, a young British girl who lives in the apartment below Cassidy’s family. Read More »

Book Review: The Winter Sister

So, I decided to join Book of the Month subscription service and The Winter Sister was my pick for February. The one thing I’ve enjoyed so far with Book of the Month is that it’s forcing me to pick up books I normally wouldn’t gravitate to, and I love that. I’m finding new genres and new books and branching out of my comfort zone. 

So needless to say, I didn’t have much expectations with The Winter Sister. I do like a good thriller, but I’m also very picky when it comes to my thrillers. I tend to like more of the slow burn, creepy mysteries versus a downright scary gory book.

I saw some early reviews and it seemed like “you either loved it or hated it” type of book. Well, I absolutely loved The Winter Sister. Read More »

Reading Slumps, Social Media Overload, & Life Updates

Hiiiiiiiiiii! Long time no talk, oops! This month has been insanely busy that I completely forgot to post on here the past couple of weeks, my bad. 

This month started out with us moving into our new place (!), and while that has been exciting and amazing it has also been completely draining. I’m sure we all have moved a time or two (or many times) — we all know how it is. 

The first thing I made sure to organize and put away were my books. Now, some of you know that at our old place I had the pretty rainbow shelf. When we moved, I decided to forego the rainbow aesthetic and sort by genre instead. It’s definitely not as pretty, but it’s much easier to find my books now 😉 

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Book Review: Sadie

34810320What you want him for?
I want to kill him.

Sadie was the book that I wished I would have read sooner. This is the type of book that I look for in a YA Mystery/Thriller. The book follows Sadie, a young adult, on her journey to find her sister’s killer. The book overall was dark and creepy at times, but I LOVED that.

The formatting of the book was very original, and it captivates the reader early on. Sadie is split between two POV’s, Sadie’s and West McCray — the host of a podcast series called The Girls. The podcast is described as “Serial-like” and for anyone who has listened to Serial (season 1 & 2 especially) this definitely felt true. Read More »