Recent Books I’ve Acquired

Hey friends! Sorry about not really posting last week. I ended up coming down with a cold and took a couple of sick days to rest and get better. Now that I’m feeling healthy and well rested, I wanted to pop on here and share some of the books I have recently bought.  I’ve recently acquired quite — by accident of course. 😉 

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February Wrap-Up

Is it just me or was February a sucky reading month? From moving to the random snow Seattle had to just me being burnt out/in a reading funk it seems February was brutal to me in the reading department. I somehow managed to read three books amongst all of that nonsense and I have no idea how but it happened — but it did.


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Reading Slumps, Social Media Overload, & Life Updates

Hiiiiiiiiiii! Long time no talk, oops! This month has been insanely busy that I completely forgot to post on here the past couple of weeks, my bad. 

This month started out with us moving into our new place (!), and while that has been exciting and amazing it has also been completely draining. I’m sure we all have moved a time or two (or many times) — we all know how it is. 

The first thing I made sure to organize and put away were my books. Now, some of you know that at our old place I had the pretty rainbow shelf. When we moved, I decided to forego the rainbow aesthetic and sort by genre instead. It’s definitely not as pretty, but it’s much easier to find my books now 😉 

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January Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a productive reading month! This is the first time where I definitely felt productive in the reading department — and also felt that January dragged on for f o r e v e r. I’m usually a fan of January, but wow, not this year. 

This month I was able to finish a total of six books, which is a record for me. It would have been eight, but I DNF-ed two. Read More »

Home Library Catalog Project

When someone is type A and has a lot of books, they obviously catalog their home library. Right? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts you might have noticed me talking about “my home library catalog project” with “more on that soon” right after. That’s because a) I didn’t realize how many books I actually owned b) I kept buying more books and c) I’m a perfectionist and it had to be perfect before I showed it to the world. Also, I used to work in archives and libraries and I miss doing this type of work.Read More »

2019 Reading List

Happy 2019 everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and New Year celebration. I took some time off from work so I could relax, catch up on tv and reading, and of course spend some time with the boyfriend! We had a very nice and quiet Christmas. I cooked again and it was SO yummy. But, we ended our vacation with a trip to the ER and the boyfriend being diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus — aka swine flu. He’s on lots of meds and still taking it easy, but feeling loads better. I did not get it THANKFULLY. 

I’ve never been one to stick to TBR lists or piles — hence my disastrous November and December TBR’s —  and I consider myself a huge mood reader. So why am I making a reading list for only specific books then? Good question. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about my 2019 book resolutions and how I need to focus on my own books in 2019 and to try and refrain from ignoring them any longer. So, hello reading list!

In theory this will help me obtain a few of my reading goals for 2019. Not only will it help me read more of my own books, but it will also help me knock out some series that I should have read by now but haven’t. This won’t be a set in stone list. I have left out mainly non-fiction (oops), but that doesn’t mean I won’t be reading non-fiction books in 2019. I’m planning on focusing my mood reading habits towards non-fiction in hopes that it will help me stay on track. I plan to incorporate non-fiction through audiobooks. 

It will be a miracle if I get through this entire list. I might have overdone it a bit, but I do like a challenge. 

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Book Talk and Life Updates

My apartment is so cozy at the moment, I’m never leaving!


I’ve been feeling quite under the weather this week, and it’s taking all of my energy just to write this post. I seem to always get sick during December since I usually have a huge uptick in social events. These past few weekends I’ve been busy every. single. day. For someone who is usually a hermit on the weekends, it’s finally starting to take a toll. I go on vacation starting Saturday so I just have to make it until Friday and then I’m FREEEEEE for nine days! 

However, I wanted to pop in and give you some updates on what I’ve been doing lately besides reading (or my lack of), and also let you know my posting schedule for the rest of the year (!?) Read More »