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Welcome to Tales of A Bibliophile, a blog about books, life, and everything in-between. I’m Kacey, the person behind Tales of A Bibliophile. 

I have been an avid reader my entire life. As a child I devoured anything Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. When I got older I found my love for fantasy novels where it has stayed true to this day. I also still love a great mystery novel here and there, and I’ve started to branch out into more fiction genres as well. 

I’m a midwest transplant who now calls Seattle home. I live in a cute apartment that overlooks the Puget Sound with my partner, our cat, 50+ houseplants, and close to 1,000 books. It’s cozy. 😉

I decided to start this blog as a way to help me stay on track with my reading and to better connect to the broader book community. Most of the time I will be posting about upcoming books I’m excited about, book reviews, and other book stuff. I’m also an avid cook so expect to see some of my favorite go to recipes on here from time to time along with general life updates and my favorite places around Seattle…post-pandemic of course.

Due to my busy work schedule I can’t promise to have a constant stream of content, but do expect a post a few times a month. 

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    1. Oh, she’s got attitude. I’ve had calico cats before so I knew going in she was going to have attitude, but I think she is the sassiest cat I’ve ever had.

      haha! I know 😉 I get picked on all of the time for it, especially since I live in Seattle and they take they’re coffee here VERY seriously. If I’m at a coffee shop I will normally have an Earl Grey Latte (or London Fog as it’s called here) or a Chai Latte. If I’m at home or at work, I normally drink Yogi Green Tea Kombucha. It’s amazing! I go through about 3-4 boxes a month!

      1. Hold up, I didn’t know you could get Earl Grey latte’s? THATS A THING?! Huh. I’ve tried quite hard to like green tea in the past but so far I’m not s convert – although I haven’t tried any of the combo versions e.g green tea and lemon, so maybe I would like those! My heart will always be with English Breakfast though. 😉

      2. It took me a really long time to like green tea too. Next time definitely try a London Fog. I’ve even had one made with English Breakfast tea once because the barista messed up and I didn’t notice until about halfway through my drink! It was yummy. So I’m assuming if you ask for one they might make it for you?

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