That One Time I Bought 42 Books in a Weekend.

Okay, BEFORE you say, Kacey, that’s a lot of books. First of all, I know, and second of all I thought you were my people! 

I talked about this very briefly at the end of my Recent Books I’ve Acquired post, but wanted to give you a more in-depth look into my weekend of book buying. 

Every March, The Friends of the Seattle Public Library, have their annual used book sale. It’s usually around St. Patrick’s Day, and for the past few years they’ve had the sale within walking distance of my apartment. If that is not a sign of fate then I don’t know what is.

Ironically, they use one of the exhibition halls in the Seattle Center (where the space needle is) and there are always lots of events going on for St. Patrick’s Day so the Center that weekend is always very busy. 

The Holy Land aka the book sale. (photo from FSPL FB page)

Last year was the first year I was able to attend due to my changed work schedule and LOVED it. So, this year I decided I would go not one, but two days. The first day, Saturday, I went by myself and showed up 30 minutes before the doors opened. The line was already ridiculously long and I realized that book people are nothing if not punctual. 

On Saturday, I spent close to two hours browsing the boxes and boxes of books and ended up coming home with 22 books. I somehow managed to carry them all home with a backpack and a tote bag without breaking my back — somehow. I was definitely sweaty though. 

The first day spoils.

On Sunday, I went with a friend and I’m not going to lie, I was very worried there weren’t going to be a lot of books left over since it was the last day. The line was substantially smaller and we were able to grab a spot right up front with about 10 minutes before doors opened. 

It took me some time to find some gems, but once I did they just kept rolling in and I ended up scoring 20 books for day two. I would call that a win. 

Thankfully I didn’t have to walk the few hilly blocks home as my friend’s boyfriend gave me a ride. It was MUCH appreciated. 

The second day spoils.


When I got home, I spent the next hour carefully removing the library protective sheets with an exacto knife and entering them into my home catalog

I’m thinking about becoming a member of the Friends of the Seattle Public Library not only because I’m surprised I’m not a member already, but because member’s get a special preview the night before the sale opens. It’s not expensive and goes to a great cause!


Does your local library put on an annual book sale? If so, I would love to hear about it. 🙂 



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20 thoughts on “That One Time I Bought 42 Books in a Weekend.

  1. My library has weekly sales, which probably makes it less dangerous! LOL But I can see how you’d easily buy that many at something like that. I am about halfway through The Fifth Season right now and am loving it. Hope you enjoy it, too!

    1. WEEKLY SALES?! Oh man, my wallet would hate me. The Fifth Season is on the top of my TBR list for this year. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things.

    1. Ugh, I miss Half Price Books. There used to be one in Seattle, but they closed it to make room for new apartments. All other HPB are in the surrounding suburbs and since I don’t have a car, I hardly ever visit one. THANKFULLY, there are lots of amazing used indie bookstores around.

    1. ME. TOO. Heavy has been on my TBR and I got the last copy at the sale! I was soooo happy. I’ve been eyeing Forensics for so long that when I saw it I didn’t think it was the same book at first, ha! Not sure when I’ll get around to all of these, but definitely going to try to sprinkle in some of the non-fiction throughout the year.

      1. It’s been awhile since I read Forensics but I remember thinking it was really good. I’m surprised a copy of Heavy was even there, it’s so new and was pretty popular, you’d think they’d be keeping it in circulation longer. Lucky you!!

      2. The library has what’s called Peak Picks, which are new releases that you can pick up at certain branches without holds. They ordered a huge overstock of all of the Peak Picks and then keep a small selection in circulation and then put the rest in the sale. Long story short, that’s how I got it!

  2. My local library system has a big book sale every Fall. It’s not as big as Seattle’s for sure, but it’s always very popular. Otherwise, the library branch I usually go to has a couple of bookcases of books for sale all year, and recently I’ve found some interesting hardback titles for $1 each.

    1. the library where I used to live had a bookshelves for $1 books and I loved it! As far as I know, Seattle Public Library doesn’t have that, but I only going to the main branch downtown. There’s 21 or 22 other branches of the library scattered around Seattle so maybe there’s something like that at one of the other locations.

  3. Wow your local library seems to have a lot of awesome books! 🙂 Our library puts on an annual book sale too but I rarely find any books I want to read. About 90% of them are in German and I only read in English or other languages. *lol* Guess that’s my fault though, after all I could read in German if I wanted to. XD

    1. I used to live in a very small town and the library there would have an annual sale too, but it was mainly older books and things I didn’t really like. So when I first went to the book sale here in Seattle I was FLOORED with what was available.

  4. Love it! I have a tiny little library down the road from me and they always have a few books for sale on the one side. Haven’t been to the library in ages though because it is really small. That being said, I have a huge reading list and enough to keep me busy for now. Not that that stops me from buying books, but you know.

    1. I also have a massive list, but since I work 2 blocks away from the library downtown it’s very easy for me to pop in there and be like oh, I want this one, and this one. 😉

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