Book Review: Vicious

So, I must confess that this is my first Victoria/V.E. Schwab book I’ve read. (I knowww)  After a LOT of my friends raved about this book I decided to give it whirl, and I was not disappointed one bit. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads, and if I could give it more, I would. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I am normally not a Science Fiction fan, but I wouldn’t classify this as hardcore Science Fiction. If you are looking for an introduction into Science Fiction that isn’t tooo crazy, I would definitely recommend this book.

I thought Schwab’s concept of time in Vicious was really original. It involved different periods of time all together but it was laid out so flawlessly that you didn’t get lost or confused. I think if the book was laid out any other way it wouldn’t work. 

This plot felt real to me. Like the zombie movies where it starts out in a medical lab. (don’t get me started on that) Schwab’s definition of what makes an ExtraOrdinary person is believable. It’s not so far fetched that as the reader you sit there and say, “yeah, okay.” Instead, you’re sitting there saying, “yeah, of course.”

All of the characters are flawed but at some point you can sympathize with all of them. To accomplish that feeling for the reader, I think it takes a really talented writer. I loved the relationship between Serena and Sydney, however messed up and complicated it was. I LOVED the dialogue between Serena and Eli. The sass Serena had was unreal and I am here for that. Mitch was like the best friend/sidekick that Victor didn’t know he needed — and was such a softy! Finally, I loved Victor and Eli’s friendship, and who they both developed into later on. After all, I felt this book was really about them. They both had their flaws for sure, but you could sympathize with both of them too. At times I didn’t know who was supposed to be “the bad guy” and I think that relates to every day life. Each person has good and bad in them. Although, I’m definitely #TeamVictor. 😉 

I began this book in December and devoured all but the last 40 or so pages before the holidays took over, so I ended up finishing this in 2019. HOWEVER, If I had to choose my favorite book of 2018, this would be it. Hands down. I never wanted to put it down and even if I wasn’t reading the book I was thinking about it, going over the plot in my head, and thinking about the characters. It was completely different from what I’ve read recently and I loved that.

I read in articles and from Schwab herself that when she wrote Vicious, she wrote it as a stand alone in case it never got a sequel. In my opinion, the book does work as a stand alone. The ending finishes nicely, but with the option to continue if needed, and, I am SO glad she was able to write another book out of this series. 

I cannot wait to start Vengeful! Have you read either books? What did you think — let me know! 


Until next time!


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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Vicious

    1. Thanks! I’ve heard great things about her other books so I’m excited to start them. I’m reading the follow up book to Vicious right now, Vengeful, and I’m loving it as well.

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