The Book Addiction Tag

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’m a bit behind on my reading schedule, which means I don’t have a review for you guys — so book tag it is! 

I saw this tag on Sahi’s blog and decided to do it. 🙂 I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to do this if you are interested. 


What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

I normally carry a book or my kindle with me everyday — I also have my kindle app on my phone for days when I can’t carry either. The only time I’ll go without reading is if  I’ve just read a pretty long book, or a book that drained me. Then I might go a week without reading just to give myself some time to charge back up. 


How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?

I will usually carry one or two books depending on the size and my kindle has about 340 books on it. So…. a lot. 🙂 


Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?

I live in a small space, so I do like to do a major clean out maybe once or twice a year depending on how many books I’ve obtained. In recent years I’ve tried to buy most of my books as e-books and only buy either rare or need to have physical books. 


How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?

It depends. Sometimes I can spend one or two hours in a bookstore if I’m alone, but most of the time I already have an idea of what I need/want and I usually have the boyfriend with me so it’s probably down to 30-45 minutes now. 


How much time per day do you spend reading?

Oh man, it ranges depending on what I have going on. I am lucky because I can read at work, so sometimes I can get my reading in before I get home. It’s actually quite hard for me to read at home because I always end up doing something else, like clean, cook or catch up on tv. But on a good day I can spend about three-four hours (and that’s with interruptions). I can’t imagine what I could read without interruptions 😉 


Where does the task ‘picking up a book’ appear on your daily to-do list? 

I don’t include that as an option in my planner. More of my to-do list items are ‘pay this’ or ‘buy this’ or ‘don’t forget to do this’ but I do have a weekly reading check list where I check off the days that I was able to get in any time to read — because some days reading for 15 minutes is a win in my book. 


How many books do you own in total?

I own 753 books currently. Out of that total about 340 are kindle e-books, and the rest are physical books. I know this because I recently did a huge library catalog project — which I will post about soon! 


How often do you bring up books in conversation?

Quite a bit. A lot of my friends are also bookworms so we’re constantly giving each other book recommendations or discussing book news. My mom and boyfriend get the book talk from me a lot, but in that case it’s more of a one-sided conversation. 😉 

What is the biggest book you have read? 

Not counting textbooks, it would be Kingdom of Ash and then HP & the Order of the Phoenix. These are the two off the top of my head that have been extremely long. I’m sure there’s a Cassandra Clare book in there too, but I can’t think of one. (no I haven’t read Queen of Air and Darkness yet)


Is there a book you had to get your hands on against all odds? (i.e. searching bookshops, online digging, etc?) 

Uhh, I’m not sure if it was against all odds or my lack of patience,  but when HP & the Order of the Phoenix came out, I was in Canada with my mom shopping (I grew up 20 minutes south of the Canadian border so we went all of the time), and I picked up a copy of the book because I couldn’t wait until we got back across the border to pick one up at my local bookstore. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had bought the UK version, and had to eventually buy the US version so my series would match. 😂


A book you struggled to finish by refused to DNF?

Life is too short to read a crappy book. 😉 I have no problem with DNF-ing books whatsoever. 


What are three of your main book goals for 2019? 

I have five and you can find them here!


Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a reader?

I wouldn’t say I’ve converted people more or less I’ve given people book suggestions and then they loved it and continued to read either the same author, or books like the ones I suggested. But if someone isn’t a reader you’re not going to convince them to read. Just like you can’t convince me to play video games. 😉 


Describe what books mean to you in five words.

Happiness. Love. Magical. Thought Provoking. Knowledge. 



Until next time!

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